Motorized Adult Multiplane TEE Probe

The Motorized Multiplane TEE transducer is based on our manual rotated Multiplane TEE probe. Oldelft managed to add a motorized array rotation and a left right articulation without changing the dimensions of the body applied part of the transducer.

 Key features:

  • Anti buckling bending neck section
  • High bandwidth transducer; 80% or 100%
  • Customized electronic interface (Analog or Digitial)
  • Full absolute scan angle readout

Oldelft developped all the electronics to drive the motor by only a 5V, 300 mA power supply. All electronics are build in the control handle.

With our I2C based digital interface a bidirectional communication between the system and the probe can be esthablished. This means that the system still can control the rotation while no extra hardware at the system side is needed.

Because of the high bandwidth of our transducers the Motorized Multiplane TEE probe can be used in 3-8 MHz frequency range for imaging

Outline of the motormulti TEE probe

Outline of the motormulti TEE probe